Movies, Television, and Famous People of the Hawaiian Islands

1. a) Elvis Presley. The movie, Blue Hawai‘i, featured the songs “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and “Rock-A-Hula Baby.”

2. d) Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic in 1927, making him one of the most famous people of the 20th century.

3. c) Dragonfly deals with the afterlife, and how people cope with losing a loved one.

4. d) Kalalau Valley was the setting for the home of King Kong.

5. c) Jack London. During his visit, London even descended into Haleakalā’s crater.

6. c) Exit to Eden was filmed on Lāna‘i at the Manale Bay Hotel resort.

7. b) James Michener also wrote many other books, including Tales of the South Pacific, which won a Pulitzer Prize in 1947.

8. a) Kane’s artwork focuses on the early Hawaiian Islands, and is found in many museums and gallery collections.

9. d) Duke Kahanamoku was a true ambassador of the aloha spirit.

10. a) Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) spent 5 months in the Hawaiian Islands in 1889 and then visited again in 1893.

11. d) Elvis Presley. The money raised was the single largest donation toward the memorial.

12. b) Raiders of the Lost Ark filming on Kaua‘i took place in 1980.

13. d) Honeymoon in Vegas featured Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker.

14. b) John Wayne played Michael Patrick “Guns” Donovan.

15. b) Jason Brooks also played Peter Blake on Days of Our Lives.

16. d) South Pacific. The movie also features Mitzi Gaynor.

17. d) Lt. Robin Crusoe was a Walt Disney movie.

18. a) The Thorn Birds starred Richard Chamberlain.

19. b) Lois Weber. Some of Weber’s earlier films were considered controversial.

20. c) Charlton Heston played Whip Hoxworth.

21. c) The village of Bali Hai was in New Caledonia.

22. d) None But the Brave was released in 1965.

23. d) King Kong was filmed on the north shore.

24. c) Paradise Hawaiian Style had Elvis getting into trouble because of his many girlfriends at different airports.

25. c) Herman Melville visited the islands in 1843 and later wrote Moby Dick.

26. c) 1976. The Don Ho Show was taped at Cinerama Reef Hotel.

27. b) South Pacific featured many songs that are now American classics.

28. c) The Wackiest Ship in the Army was a World War II comedy.

29. d) Jurassic Park was filmed on Kaua‘i.

30. d) Samuel Clemens. He had just begun using his pen name, Mark Twain.

31. a) Tora! Tora! Tora! was produced in 1970.

32. a) Fantasy Island was a hit ABC show shown on Saturday evenings.

33. d) Elvis Presley starred in Girls!, Girls!, Girls!.

34. b) Uncommon Valor featured Gene Hackman.

35. a) The Orpheum was the first regular motion picture theater in the Hawaiian Islands and Honolulu’s pioneer of popular-priced theatricals.

36. b) Hawaiian Eye was filmed on Kaua‘i in 1962.

37. d) Tom Selleck was the star of Magnum P.I.

38. b) Frank De Lima is a multiple Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award winner.

39. a) Waterworld featured Costner rescuing a woman and child form a man-made atoll.

40. c) Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikīkī. Ma and Pa Kettle were popular screen characters of the 1950s.

41. d) Outbreak was filmed at Wailua River and Kīpū Ranch.

42. c) Lloyd Bridges was featured in the movie Lost Flight

43. a) Jurassic Park filming was disrupted by Hurricane Iniki in 1992.

44. d) Throw Momma From the Train was released in 1987.

45. b) Flight of the Intruder. The base was also utilized by the movie South Pacific, which filmed during actual maneuvers to provide a backdrop.

46. d) From Here to Eternity. Montgomery Clift played Prewitt, an independent and unregimented G.I.

47. c) A.Grove Day collaborated with Michener to write Rascals in Paradise.

48. a) Hell’s Half Acre also featured Elsa Lanchester in a supporting role.

49. d) Beachhead had a budget of $400,000.

50. c) The Sea Chase details a 26,000 mile sea pursuit of a German freighter.

51. c) Jack London wrote The Sheriff of Kona and The House of the Sun.

52. b) Blake Clark wrote Remember Pearl Harbor!

53. b) Mister Roberts featured Henry Fonda as a navy officer.

54. c) Wyland is known for his huge whale murals.

55. d) The Revolt of Mamie Stover dealt with the steamier side of Honolulu.

56. c) Four Frightened People utilized Mauna Loa Volcano as a setting.

57. a) The Enemy Below won an Academy Award for special effects.

58. d) Ghost of China Sea involves a plantation owner’s escape from the Philippines as the Japanese advance.

59. b) Girls! Girls! Girls! The movie was directed by Director Norman Taurog, who also worked on G.I. Blues and Blue Hawai‘i.

60. c) Isabella Bird was known as a small but tireless woman.

61) a) Rampage required the camera crew to be enclosed in wire cages while filming a tiger-trapping scene.

62. c) Islands in the Stream also starred Claire Bloom and David Hemmings.

63. a) Karate Kid tells the story of a young American named Daniel who Miyagi (Morita) trains to become a martial arts champion.

64. c) Keali‘i Reichel won Album of the Year in 2000.

65. d) Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole won Album of the Year and also Favorite Entertainer in 1997.

66. d) Hell Below shows the life of a submarine crew in World War I.

67. a) In Harm’s Way was an Otto Preminger film.

68. a) Jungle Heat also starred Mari Blanchard and Miyoko Sasaki.

69. b) Lord of the Flies’ scenes take place at Ke‘e Beach, Kaua‘i.

70. c) The Hawai‘i Theater opened in 1922.

71. a) Kīpū Kai, between Nāwiliwili and Po‘ipū, provided footage that was used by George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic’s special effects crew as a model for Never-Never land.

72. b) Tattoo was Roarke’s sidekick in Fantasy Island.

73. a) Death Moon was released in 1978.

74. c) Between Heaven and Hell was based on a novel by Francis Gwaltney

75. a) Bird of Paradise was rewritten from a 1932 film which was based on a 1911 stage play.

76. b) Wailua River is a favorite setting for many motion pictures.

77. b) Karate Kid II features Mr. Miyagi (Morita) defending his ancestral home with Daniel, the Karate Kid.

78. c) Diamond Head was filmed at Kīpū Ranch, Lihu‘e Grove Farm, and Nāwiliwili.

79. a) Pagan Love Song was filmed at Wailua Beach, Coco Palms, Lydgate Park, Ahukini Landing, Ke‘e Beach, Hanalei, Wainiha, Ha‘ena, and the Valley House.

80. b) Seven was filmed in Princeville and Hanalei as well as on the Nā Pali Coast.

81. c) Nadine Kahanamoku, Duke’s wife, played a role as a nun in the Bali Hai sequence of South Pacific.

82. c) Valley House was once the estate of sugar baron Colonel Zepaniah Spalding.

83. d) Kīpū Ranch is very scenic and also supports a diversity of Hawaiian wildlife.

84. b) Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote Tarzan while he was living in Lanikai.

85. d) Chang Apana was the inspiration for Charlie Chan

86. c) David Crosby had a cameo role in the movie Hook.

87. b) Herve Villechaize was Tattoo’s real name.

88. b) Elvis Presley gave his Aloha From Hawai‘i via Satellite concert in Honolulu in 1973.

89. c) Amy Hanaiali‘i won the 2000 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award for Female Vocalist of the Year.

90. d) Baa Baa Black Sheep, A/K/A The Black Sheep Squadron

91. c) Gable McQueen was the name of the flamboyant attorney played by Dennis Weaver.

92. c) They are all prominent slack key guitarists.

93. d) Fantasy Island had many guest stars come on board.

94. d) Keali‘i Reichel won Favorite Entertainer of the Year in 2000, and also won the Male Vocalist award, for Melelana.

95. b) Frank De Lima is known as Hawai‘i’s clown prince of comedy.

96. c) The Society of Seven annually update their shows, which often play on themes of Broadway shows.

97. d) “Da plane, da plane” was the memorable line said by Tattoo at the beginning of every show.

98. b) Don Ho has been a Waikīkī staple for over three decades in various Waikīkī locations.

99. c) Pearl was written by Stirling Silliphant, who won an Oscar for In the Heat of the Night.

100. d) Frank Sinatra was rescued by a fireman just in time, and one of the rescuers said that “his face was starting to turn blue.”


Movies, Television, and Famous People of the Hawaiian Islands

Advanced Questions

1. b) The first motion pictures in the Hawaiian Islands were shown on February 5th, 1897.

2. d) Hawai‘i Five-O brought the islands into the homes of many United States Mainlanders.

3. c) Blue Hawai‘i. The movie’s main star was Elvis Presley.

4. a) Kanaka Diving for Money was commissioned by Thomas A. Edison.

5. b) Chiang Kai-shek was a Nationalist Chinese leader.

6. b) Waterworld incorporated many visual effects, filming for over 7 months.

7. c) Sinatra traveled to Africa and back, over 27,000 miles, to complete a screen test for the part.

8. a) The Song of the Islands featured Hilo Hattie and Betty Grable.

9. c) Local Kauaians played the part of Hovito Indians.

10. c) Pat Morita plays the taxi driver in Honeymoon in Vegas.

11. a) Donovan’s Reef. The movie starred John Wayne.

12. a) The Diamond Head Game was filmed at Kuilima Resort on O‘ahu in the 1970s.

13. d) Nellie Forbush. Mary Martin played Nellie Forbush in the Broadway version.

14. a) Thomas Hudson was the sculptor played by George C. Scott.

15. d) Rachel Ward played Meggie Cleary.

16. b) Makana. Bali Hai was released in 1958.

17. b) Bette Midler went to Radford High School.

18. d) The Seven Women from Hell featured Cesar Romero.

19. c) Bill Hamilton and Mark Martinson surfed in the movie Free & Easy.

20. a) Manhunt was the first television series filmed entirely on Kaua‘i.

21. d) Jack Lord played Steve McGarrett in Hawai‘i Five-O.

22. c) Gavan Daws wrote Shoal of Time.

23. c) Live at the Captain’s Table. It was the 8th year De Lima won the award.

24. a) The 1957 tsunami wiped out a bridge at Kalihiwai that was the only access for trucks carrying the heavy film equipment to the north shore sets at Hā‘ena and Hanalei.

25. b) The Ali‘is were the back-up band for Don Ho.

26. b) Hanalei Pier was damaged twice when the filming barge broke loose.

27. b) Michael Crichton wrote Jurassic Park.

28. a) Jack London. He was most famous for his books The Call of the Wild (1903) and White Fang (1905).

29. b) Charmian London’s book was published after her husband died.

30. a) Al Harrington played Ben Kokua in Hawai‘i Five-O.

31. b) 1949. The Drive-In had spaces for 750 cars.

32. d) Magnum P.I. debuted in 1980.

33. d) The Snark. London designed the boat himself, and after he left the Hawaiian Islands he took a two-year cruise of the South Seas.

34. a) Mr. Roberts won Jack Lemmon an Oscar in 1955.

35. d) Mr. Roarke. As the head of Fantasy Island, he had magical powers.

36. c) James Michener wrote the epic novel Hawaii.

37. d) Hanalei Valley. Renting and shipping the helicopters to the Hawaiian Islands cost over 1 million dollars.

38. a) The Chinese Parrot was the first film to feature Honolulu detective Charlie Chan

39. d) Gilligan’s Island featured beatnik Maynerd G. Crebbs as Gilligan.

40. a) Walter Lord wrote The Day of Infamy about the Pearl Harbor attack.

41. a) The Nation’s Peril. The film was produced by Vitagraph.

42. c) ‘Iolani Palace was the headquarters of Steve McGarrett in Hawai‘i Five-O.

43. c) 284 episodes of Hawai‘i Five-O were filmed.

44. a) Kam Fong was the police lieutenant in Hawai‘i Five-O.

45. c) Andy Bumatai won for the Comedy Album award in 1980 and 1981.

46. c) Monkey. It had an Ebola-like disease called Matoba.

47. a) Miss Sadie Thompson featured Rita Hayworth and was released in 1953.

48. a) Humphrey Bogart starred in The Caine Mutiny.

49. c) Ke‘e Beach provides the setting, with the Nā Pali Coast in the background.

50. d) It’s estimated that over 180 million people have seen the Kalalau sequence.

51. b) Adventures of Captain David Grief was a Duke Goldstone production.

52. a) Diamond Head featured France Nuyen as Charlton Heston’s mistress.

53. a) Hālona Cove in southeast O‘ahu is the setting for the famous love scene.

54. a) Gidget Goes Hawaiian was filmed at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

55. d) Ernest Borgnine played the sadistic sergeant of the stockade.

56. a) Rossano Brassi was “washed right out of” Mitzi Gaynor’s hair.

57. b) Jacob Adler wrote Claus Spreckels, the Sugar King in Hawai‘i.

58. b) Weismuller went on to play the role of Tarzan.

59. d) Hell’s Half Acre was the nickname of a crime-filled section of Honolulu that was razed in the 1960s.

60. c) Hawai‘i Calls radio show had 2,083 broadcasts.

61. d) Tony Curtis was a resident of the Hawaiian Islands and exhibited art in Waikīkī.

62. d) Anthony Quinn plays Kimo in Waikīkī Wedding.

63. a) Lana Turner has a romance with the captain in The Sea Chase.

64. b) Steve McQueen starred with Dustin Hoffman in Papillon.

65. c) S. M. Kamakau was a prolific Hawaiian writer of the early 1800s.

66. a) Waimānalo is the site of the mansion used in Magnum P.I.

67. b) Cabbage and Kings was hosted by Victor Eckland during World War II.

68. b) Indira Ghandi gave Hawai‘i’s children the gift of an elephant.

69. d) Mister Roberts featured Duke Kahanamoku in a small role as a native chief.

70. b) Surfing is featured in the movie Endless Summer.

71. b) James MacArthur played Dano in Hawai‘i Five-O. He is the adopted son of actress Helen Hayes.

72. d) The Revolt of Mamie Stover featured a reenactment of the Pearl Harbor bombing.

73. b) Depth charges exploded prematurely off the stern of a Navy destroyer.

74. a) Connie Stevens played Cricket in Hawaiian Eye.

75. a) Sabu also starred in numerous “Elephant Boy” B films.