Chapter 18.

Glossary of Important Persons

of Hawaiian History

from Ancient Times to the Present Day

Reference Listing of People with Multiple Names

Part 1: 

Biographical and Genealogical Information of Hawaiian Ali‘i (Royalty), Chiefs, and other Important Persons of Early Hawaiian History

[Native Hawaiians of Pre-Contact Times through the Hawaiian Monarchy Period]

Part 2: 

Biographical Information of Important Persons of Hawaiian History from the Post-Contact Era to the Present Day

[Extending from the Hawaiian Monarchy Period to the Present Day]

Voyagers who Crossed the Seas of Early Polynesia,

Ali‘i (Royalty), Chiefs, and Warriors

who fought on the Battlefields of Ancient Times,

Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses of the Hawaiian Monarchy,

Kāhuna Nui (High Priests) and Kāula (Prophets and Seers),

Kilokolo (Readers of Omens) and Kuhikuhipu‘uone (Advisors),

Ministers, Cabinet Members, Ambassadors, and Emissaries,

Early Ship Captains, Explorers, and Fur Traders,

Whalers and Sandalwood Traders,

the Twelve Companies of American Protestant Missionaries,

Catholics, Presbyterian, Mormons, Buddhists,

and People of other Faiths,

Bishops, Priests, Pastors, Vicars, and Chaplains,

Farmers of Taro, Rice, Sugarcane, and Pineapples,

Plantation Bosses, Labor Leaders, and Sugar Barons,

Ranchers and Paniolos,

Pioneers of Business and Industry,

Founders of the “Big Five” Companies

and other Major Hawaiian Institutions,

Architects, Aviators, Scientists, and Inventors,

Authors, Professors, and Artists,

Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, and Builders,

Sports Heroes and Entertainers,

Sheriffs, Mayors, Senators, and Governors,

Delegates and Congressional Representatives,

Regents, Trustees, and Philanthropists,

—and other Important Persons of Hawaiian History.

Note: This Glossary does not include names of Hawaiian deities (e.g., gods and goddesses such as Kāne, Pele, etc.) or names from Hawaiian legends.