Movies, Television, and Famous People of the Hawaiian Islands

Movies, Television, and Famous People of the Hawaiian Islands

1. In a movie filmed on Kaua‘i in 1962, this actor played an heir to a pineapple plantation, and was married in the Coco Palms Chapel.

a) Elvis Presley

b) John Wayne

c) Duke Kahanamoku

d) Humphrey Bogart

2. This famous man lived in Hana the last 6 years of his life, and when he died in 1974 he was buried in Kīpahulu?

a) Theodore Roosevelt

b) Jimmy Stewart

c) Rock Hudson

d) Charles Lindbergh

3. In this movie filmed on Kaua‘i in February of 2001, Kevin Costner plays a Chicago doctor who travels to Venezuela to investigate the mystery of his wife’s death.

a) Spiderman

b) Kiss Me Kate

c) Dragonfly

d) Android

4. What Kaua‘i valley was the setting for King Kong’s home?

a) Honopū Valley

b) Lumaha‘i Valley

c) Hanalei Valley

d) Kalalau Valley

5. This author sailed his ketch from San Francisco to Honolulu in 1907 with his wife Charmian, spent 5 months touring the islands, and wrote two volumes of short stories about the Hawaiian Islands.

a) Joseph Conrad

b) Samuel Clemens

c) Jack London

d) Farley Mowat

6. Filmed on Lāna‘i, this 1994 movie stars Dan Akroyd and Rosie O’Donnell, and is a comedy about 2 Los Angeles police officers who go undercover to an island of fantasy.

a) Fantasy Island

b) Island of Dreams

c) Exit to Eden

d) The Last Island

7. Who was the author of the novel “Hawaii,” written in 1959?

a) Mort Saul

b) James Michener

c) Linus Pauling

d) William Faulkner

8. Herb Kawainui Kane is a well-known Hawaiian:

a) Painter

b) Author

c) Fisherman

d) Politician

9. This full-blooded Hawaiian had a career in Hollywood from 1925 to 1933, appearing in about 30 movies.

a) Don Ho

b) Eddie Aikau

c) David Kalākaua

d) Duke Kahanamoku

10. This famous author wrote a novel about Hawaii (The Wrecker, 1892), as well as a series of travel sketches and some short stories about the Hawaiian Islands.

a) Robert Louis Stevenson

b) Jack London

c) James Michener

d) Samuel Clemens

11. On March 25, 1961, this star gave a concert at Bloch Arena, raising the initial $65,000 toward the construction of the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor and bringing worldwide attention to the project.

a) Mick Jagger

b) Pat Boone

c) Don Ho

d) Elvis Presley


12. This movie, parts of which were filmed on Kaua‘i, featured Harrison Ford as a professor of archaeology searching for the Lost Ark of the Covenant of the Old Testament.

a) South Pacific

b) Raiders of the Lost Ark

c) Indiana Jones

d) The Covenant

13. Filmed in the islands, this movie is a romantic comedy about a love triangle involving a private detective named Jack, another man named Tommy, and a woman named Betsy.

a) Fatal Attraction

b) Bali Hai

c) Pagan Love Song

d) Honeymoon in Vegas

14. What famous actor starred in the movie Donovan’s Reef, which was filmed on Kaua‘i?

a) Harrison Ford

b) John Wayne

c) Cary Grant

d) Jack Lemmon

15. On the television show Baywatch Hawai‘i, who plays Sean Monroe, a pivotal character in the series?

a) Mason Edmunds

b) Jason Brooks

c) Jimmy Valentine

d) Tyler Clark

16. Filmed in Kaua‘i, this movie was based on a Rodgers and Hammerstein adaptation of a book written by James Michener.

a) Jurassic Park

b) Jungle Heat

c) Island of the Alive

d) South Pacific

17. In this 1960s parody, Dick Van Dyke plays a young Navy flier who is forced to land his plane on a South Pacific island.

a) The Castaway Cowboy

b) None but the Brave

c) Lost Flight

d) Lt. Robin Crusoe

18. This 10-hour television mini-series utilized Kaua‘i for its tropical sugar cane plantation scenes which, in the show, take place in Queensland, Australia.

a) The Thorn Birds

b) Tales of the Outback

c) G’day Mate.

d) Diary of a Australian Family

19. This woman directed the 1934 movie White Heat, and was Hollywood’s first woman director.

a) Jonna Walsh

b) Lois Weber

c) Sarah Williams

d) Juliet Jones

20. In the movie The Hawaiians, who played land baron Whip Hoxworth?

a) Cary Grant

b) Rock Hudson

c) Charlton Heston

d) John Wayne

21. In the movie South Pacific, the village that was created in Ha‘ena on Kaua‘i’s north shore was intended to represent a village where?

a) Tahiti

b) Bora Bora

c) New Caledonia

d) Sāmoa

22. This film was directed, produced and starred Frank Sinatra, and was filmed on Kaua‘i in 1964.

a) Lost Flight

b) Paradise Hawaiian Style

c) The Seven Women From Hell

d) None But the Brave

23. Starring Jeff Bridges, Charles Grodin, and Jessica Lange, this well-known movie was filmed on Kaua‘i in March of 1975 and produced by Dino De Laurentis.

a) Millenium

b) Paradise Hawaiian Style

c) Uncommon Valor

d) King Kong

24. This Elvis Presley film, released in 1965, features Elvis running a tour aircraft business in the Hawaiian Islands.

a) Blue Hawai‘i

b) Jailhouse Rock

c) Paradise Hawaiian Style

d) Hawaiian Christmas

25. This famous author arrived in the Hawaiian Islands in April, 1843 aboard a whaleship and left in August, 1843 aboard a United States warship. Then in 1851, he published a novel about whaling.

a) Jack London

b) Joseph Conrad

c) Herman Melville

d) Samuel Clemens

26. The Don Ho Show was a daily comedy variety program originating at Waikīkī Beach and running for 13 weeks during what year?

a) 1965

b) 1970

c) 1976

d) 1979

27. “Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair,” was a song from what Hawaiian-filmed movie?

a) Blue Hawai‘i

b) South Pacific

c) The Wackiest Ship in the Army

d) The Castaway Cowboy

28. Filmed on Kaua‘i by Columbia Pictures in 1961, this movie featured Jack Lemmon playing Lt. Rip Crandall, who leads a group of misfit sailors.

a) Uncommon Valor

b) Jungle Heat

c) The Wackiest Ship in the Army

d) Sailors by Day

29. Filmed in 1992, this movie featured Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum.

a) Forbidden Island

b) Fantasy Island

c) Honeymoon in Vegas

d) Jurassic Park

30. This author came to Honolulu in 1866 as a reporter for the Sacramento Weekly, and wrote 25 “Travel Letters” about the Hawaiian Islands.

a) Jack London

b) Robert Louis Stevenson

c) Ernest Hemingway

d) Samuel Clemens

31. The Hawaiian-filmed production, Tora! Tora! Tora! was made in what year?

a) 1970

b) 1975

c) 1980

d) 1965

32. Wailua Falls was shown in the opening scene of this weekly romantic drama.

a) Fantasy Island

b) Magnum P.I.

c) Love Boat

d) Baywatch

33. Who starred in the Hawaiian-filmed 1963 movie Girls!, Girls!, Girls!?

a) Frank Sinatra

b) Cary Grant

c) John Wayne

d) Elvis Presley

34. This movie, filmed on Kaua‘i in 1983, involves Vietnam war buddies who return to Vietnam years later to rescue their comrades.

a) Jungle Heat

b) Uncommon Valor

c) Rambo

d) Millenium

35. In 1906, this establishment became the first regular motion picture theater in the Hawaiian Islands.

a) The Orpheum

b) Kapi‘olani Theater

c) The Queen

d) Honolulu Auditorium

36. This hit detective show filmed two episodes on Kaua‘i in the early 1960s.

a) I Spy

b) Hawaiian Eye

c) Private Spy

d) Tropical Detective

37. Who was the star of Magnum P.I.?

a) Sylvester Stallone

b) Chuck Norris

c) James Garner

d) Tom Selleck

38. This popular local man has won at least 6 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards for Comedy Album of the Year.

a) Andy Bumatai

b) Frank De Lima

c) Rap Replinger

d) Na Kolohe

39. This 1995 action adventure movie starring Kevin Costner (whose character is ½-man, ½-amphibian), takes place at a time when water covers the Earth.

a) Waterworld

b) Amphibian

c) The Big Ocean

d) Planet Ocean

40. This movie, filmed in Hollywood and starring Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride, features a hillbilly couple traveling to the Hawaiian Islands where they meet their Hawaiian equivalents, Charly Lung and Hilo Hattie.

a) Jed and Granny Clampett at Waikīkī

b) Bob and Sally Mae at Waikīkī

c) Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikīkī

d) Jeb and Louise Farmer at Waikīkī

41. This 1995 movie, in which Kaua‘i represents a viral disease-plagued Africa, stars Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, and Morgan Freeman.

a) Jungle Heat

b) Lord of the Flies

c) African Night

d) Outbreak

42. The 1969 movie Lost Flight, filmed in the Hawaiian Islands, featured which of the following actors?

a) Kirk Douglas

b) Rock Hudson

c) Lloyd Bridges

d) Frank Sinatra

43. When Hurricane Iniki hit Kaua‘i in 1992, it disrupted the filming of what movie?

a) Jurassic Park

b) White Heat

c) Outbreak

d) Lord of the Flies

44. In this movie filmed in the Hawaiian Islands, Danny DeVito plays a mystery writer and Billy Crystal plays his writing teacher.

a) Murder, She Wrote

b) Honeymoon in Vegas

c) The Castaway Cowboy

d) Throw Momma From the Train.

45. The Officer’s Club of the Navy’s Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kaua‘i’s west side represented the Vietnam-era “O” Club in the what movie?

a) Uncommon Valor

b) Flight of the Intruder

c) Between Heaven and Hell

d) God Morning Vietnam

46. Named after a James Jones’ best-selling novel, this 1953 movie was filmed on O‘ahu and featured Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Frank Sinatra, Donna Reed and Ernest Borgnine.

a) East of Eden

b) Uncommon Valor

c) The Enemy Below

d) From Here to Eternity

47. In the 1950s, James Michener collaborated with this man to write a volume of true accounts of infamous people who influenced Pacific history, and together they published Rascals in Paradise in 1957.

a) Jack London

b) J. Wiles Dominis

c) A. Grove Day

d) Christopher Owens

48. This 1954 melodrama filmed partly in Honolulu featured Wendell Corey as Chet Chester, and Evelyn Keyes as Chester’s girlfriend who kills Chester’s blackmailer.

a) Hell’s Half Acre

b) The Secret

c) To Tell the Truth

d) Tangled Web

49. Filmed in 1953 near Hanalei, Kaua‘i, this movie stars Tony Curtis and Frank Lovejoy, and is about World War II marines on a mission.

a) The Enemy Below

b) For the Country

c) Port of Call

d) Beachhead

50. This 1955 action drama was filmed along Hawai‘i Island’s Kona coast and Kealakekua Bay, and stars John Wayne as a skipper during World War II.

a) Donovan’s Reef

b) None But the Brave

c) The Sea Chase

d) Forbidden Island

51. Who wrote The Sheriff of Kona, and The House of the Sun?

a) James Michener

b) Robert Louis Stevenson

c) Jack London

d) Gavan Daws

52. This author taught at the University of Hawai‘i from 1930 to 1942, and then wrote Remember Pearl Harbor! to describe the attack and the tense atmosphere of the following week.

a) Sierra Young

b) Blake Clark

c) Levi Star

d) Kaikea Goo

53. This 1955 movie filmed at naval bases in the Hawaiian Islands starred Henry Fonda in his signature role, a role he played over 1,600 times on Broadway, also winning him a Tony award as Best Actor.

a) Mister Pete O‘Flannagan

b) Mister Roberts

c) Mister Pat Fisher

d) Mister Smith

54. This man is known for his propensity to paint large whale murals on buildings around the Hawaiian Islands and in many other places around the world.

a) Pahanui

b) Pilates

c) Wyland

d) Brigham

55. Filmed mostly in Honolulu, this controversial 1956 movie featuring Jane Russell and Richard Egan was a social commentary about the established order in the Hawaiian Islands.

a) The Way Things Are

b) Mutiny of a People

c) Time and Again

d) The Revolt of Mamie Stover

56. This 1934 Cecil B. DeMille movie, filmed mostly on Kaua‘i, stars Claudette Colbert and Herbert Marshall, and involves an escape from a ship stricken with bubonic plague, and subsequent adventures in Malaysia.

a) The Last Chance

b) Will of the Survivors

c) Four Frightened People

d) Tropical Adventures

57. Robert Mitchum stars in this 1957 World War II drama about a U.S. destroyer chasing a German submarine. The movie was filmed in Hawaiian waters.

a) The Enemy Below

b) Donovan’s Reef

c) The Sea Chase

d) All Hands on Board

58. This World War II action drama starred David Brian as well as Kam Fong Chun, who later played Chin Ho Kelly on the Hawai‘i Five-O television series.

a) Battleship

b) Flight of the Intruder

c) The Last Battle

d) Ghost of China Sea

59. Set in the Hawaiian Islands, this 1962 movie was directed by Norman Taurog, and stars Elvis Presley as well as Laurel Goodwin and Stella Stevens.

a) Blue Hawai‘i

b) Girls! Girls! Girls!

c) Return to Paradise

d) Island Nights

60. This 19th century woman was a world traveler who in 1873 spent 6 months in the Hawaiian Islands, and wrote The Hawaiian Archipelago: Six months among the palm groves, coral reefs, and volcanoes of the Sandwich Islands.

a) Coco Walker

b) Juliet Jones

c) Isabella Bird

d) Stephanie Smith

61. This 1963 movie, filmed in and near Hilo, features Robert Mitchum as a big game trapper in the Malayan jungle searching for tigers and the legendary beast known as “The Enchantress.”

a) Rampage

b) To Tame a Tiger

c) Search for the Last Beast

d) Malaysian Adventure

62. In this movie filmed on Kaua‘i and based on Ernest Hemingway’s last published novel, George C. Scott is living on Bimini during World War II and renews his relationship with his former wife and 3 young sons.

a) Coming Home

b) Return to the Island

c) Islands in the Stream

d) Search for Tomorrow

63. Popular Hawaiian favorite Pat Morita won an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting actor for his portrayal of Mr. Miyagi in this 1984 movie.

a) Karate Kid

b) Karate Kid II

c) Karate Kid III

d) Fight for Okinawa

64. In the year 2000, this man won the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award for Album of the Year for the album titled Melelana.

a) Gabby Pahinui

b) Willie K

c) Keali‘i Reichel

d) Kapono Beamer

65. This man won the 1997 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award for Favorite Entertainer, as well as the Album of the Year award for ‘N Dis Life.

a) Willie K

b) Peter Moon

c) Keali‘i Reichel

d) Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole

66. Filmed at Pearl Harbor, this 1933 movie depicts a World War I submarine crew at a Mediterranean base off Italy’s coast. The stars are Robert Montgomery, Walter Huston, Robert Young, and Jimmy Durante.

a) Down Under

b) Depth of Fire

c) Battle of the Deeps

d) Hell Below

67. This World War II epic, filmed in the Hawaiian Islands in 1964, stars John Wayne as Admiral Rockwell Torrey, and Patricia Neal as Lieutenant Maggie Haynes.

a) In Harm’s Way

b) The Battle of Leyte Gulf

c) Life of a Soldier

d) Second in Command

68. This 1957 film features Tarzan star Lex Barker in a romantic triangle and takes place during a plantation strike. The movie gained notoriety due to protests over its depiction of Hawai‘i-born Japanese as spies before World War II.

a) Jungle Heat

b) Island of the Alive

c) The Plantation

d) Will of the Survivors

69. Filmed on Kaua‘i, this 1990 movie is based on a William Golding novel and tells the story of a group of stranded boys who turn to savagery.

a) Survivor

b) Lord of the Flies

c) Savage

d) Clan of the Cave Bear

70. In 1922, this building opened in downtown Honolulu.

a) Honolulu Theater

b) O‘ahu Film Studio

c) Hawai‘i Theater

d) The Orpheum

71. In the movie Hook, the 1991 Steven Spielberg remake of Peter Pan, the scene when Peter Pan (Robin Williams) returns to “Never-Never land” uses Kaua‘i footage of:

a) Kīpū Kai

b) Kalalau

c) Wailua

d) Hanalei

72. In the television series Fantasy Island, what is the name of Roarke’s diminutive sidekick?

a) Bruno

b) Tattoo

c) Assistant Gomes

d) Kane

73. This movie was filmed at the Coco Palms Hotel on Kaua‘i, and involves a man who vacations in the Hawaiian Islands only to find he is cursed by an occult voodoo clan and turns into a werewolf at night.

a) Death Moon

b) Night of the Living Dead

c) Vampire

d) Curse of the Damned

74. Filmed on Kaua‘i, this 1956 movie about World War II “Hellfighters of the Pacific” features Robert Wagner, Terry Moore, and Buddy Ebsen.

a) Only the Brave

b) Profiles of Courage

c) Between Heaven and Hell

d) Wings of Freedom

75. This 1951 movie filmed on Kaua‘i starred Debra Paget, Louis Jordan and Jeff Chandler, and tells the story of a Frenchman who falls in love with a Polynesian girl, causing her to be sacrificed to the volcano god.

a) Bird of Paradise

b) Taboo

c) Polynesian Journey

d) The Forgiven

76. This Kaua‘i river was used as an African river in Outbreak, a mangrove-lined Cuban river in Islands in the Stream, and as a South Pacific landing in the movie Donovan’s Reef.

a) Hanalei River

b) Wailua River

c) Waimea River

d) Kalihiwai River

77. In this 1986 movie filmed in Kahalu‘u, O‘ahu, Pat Morita’s character defends his ancestral home in Okinawa.

a) Karate Kid

b) Karate Kid II

c) Homeland

d) The Power of One

78. Filmed on Kaua‘i, this 1962 movie stars Charlton Heston and Yvette Mimieux, and involves a ruthless plantation owner who tries to prevent his sister from marrying a Hawaiian, while he has an affair with a Chinese woman.

a) White Heat

b) Hawaiian Eye

c) Diamond Head

d) Forbidden Island

79. This 1950 movie, filmed at various sites around Kaua‘i, stars Rita Moreno, Esther Williams and Howard Keel, and tells the tale of a half-Tahitian, half-American woman who falls for an Ohio schoolteacher.

a) Pagan Love Song

b) Sanga Ari

c) Island Girl

d) Paradise Island Style

80. William Smith, Christopher Joy, and Ed Parker star in this tongue-in-cheek 1978 movie filmed on Kaua‘i, which involves a group of men hired by the Feds to kill professional criminals.

a) None But the Brave

b) Seven

c) The Gambinos

d) All or Nothing

81. In the 1958 movie, South Pacific, this wife of a prominent Hawaiian played a role as a nun in the Bali Hai sequence filmed at Ha‘ena?

a) Geraldine Wilcox

b) Leilani Kinimaka

c) Nadine Kahanamoku

d) Suzanne Dole

82. This house in the Kealia area of Kaua‘i was featured in Island of the Alive (1986), Jurassic Park (1992), and Boris Karloff’s Voodoo Island (1957).

a) Kealia Estate

b) Spalding House

c) Valley House

d) Kealia Estate

83. Scenes from Mighty Joe Young, Outbreak, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Lost World were filmed at this Kaua‘i ranch.

a) Paniolo Ranch

b) Hanalei Ranch

c) Waimea Ranch

d) Kīpū Ranch

84. Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote Tarzan while he was living where?

a) Waikīkī

b) Lanikai

c) Kāne‘ohe

d) Waimānalo

85. What is the name of the Honolulu detective who was the inspiration for the fictional detective Charlie Chan?

a) Charlie Godin

b) Charlie ‘Akaka

c) Chang Chan

d) Chang Apana

86. This famous musician is the son of an Academy Award-winning cinematographer, and had a cameo role in the movie Hook, which was partially filmed on Kaua‘i.

a) Graham Nash

b) Rob Reiner

c) David Crosby

d) Mick Jagger

87. What was the real name of Tattoo, Mr. Roarke’s sidekick in the television series Fantasy Island?

a) Juan Rubio

b) Herve Villechaize

c) James Anunziata

d) Rudolph Benito

88. What year did Elvis Presley give his Aloha From Hawai‘i via Satellite concert in Honolulu as a benefit for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund?

a) 1970

b) 1973

c) 1975

d) 1977

89. In the year 2000, who won the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award for Female Vocalist of the Year

a) Kekuhi Kanaele

b) Amy Gilliom

c) Amy Hanaiali‘i

d) Ku‘uipo Kumukahi

90. This 1-hour series starred Marine Corps World War II flying ace Major Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, and ran from 1976 to 1978.

a) Top Gun

b) Pappy

c) Sky Warrior

d) Baa Baa Black Sheep

91. What was the name of Dennis Weaver’s character in the 1978 ABC 2-hour movie pilot, The Islanders?

a) Johnny Sergeant

b) Bob Johnson

c) Gable McQueen

d) Rock Harding

92. Led Kaapana, Keola Beamer, and Sonny Chillingworth are all prominent Hawaiian:

a) Actors

b) Politicians

c) Slack key guitarists

d) Athletes

93. Dick Sargent, Peter Lawford, and Carol Lynley all guest starred on what hit television series?

a) Gilligan’s Island

b) Hawai‘i Five-O

c) Magnum P.I.

d) Fantasy Island

94. Who won the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award for Favorite Entertainer of the Year in the year 2000?

a) Pure Heart

b) Fiji

c) Gabby Pahinui

d) Keali‘i Reichel

95. This man is known as Hawai‘i’s clown prince of comedy.

a) Andy Bumatai

b) Frank De Lima

c) Don Ho

d) Ben Cayetano

96. Tony Ruivivar and his friends have played the Outrigger Waikīkī’s Main Showroom for 32 years. They are known as:

a) Waikīkī’s Best

b) Hawai‘i Calls

c) The Society of Seven

d) Friends of Hawai‘i

97. In the television show Fantasy Island, what was the phrase made famous by Roarke’s sidekick, Tattoo?

a) Dats right boss

b) Da boat, da boat

c) I love dis job

d) Da plane, da plane

98. A regular in Waikīkī for over three decades, this man also had a string of 1970s hits, including “One Paddle, Two Paddle,” “Tiny Bubbles,” and “I’ll Remember You.”

a) Keola Beamer

b) Don Ho

c) Rap Reiplinger

d) Sonny Kamahele

99. Filmed on O‘ahu in 1978-1979, this extremely popular multi-part drama (5 hours) takes place in the Hawaiian Islands in 1941, and stars Angie Dickinson, Dennis Weaver, and Robert Conrad.

a) The Thornbirds

b) From Here to Eternity

c) Pearl

d) Lifeguard

100. Swept over 200 yards offshore in high surf, this man nearly drowned at Wailua Beach when he was on Kaua‘i filming None But the Brave.

a) John Wayne

b) Ernest Borgnine

c) Lloyd Bridges

d) Frank Sinatra


Advanced Questions

Movies, Television, and Famous People of the Hawaiian Islands

1. Seven short scenes screened by Edison’s Veriscope were the first motion pictures shown in the Hawaiian Islands. What year did this take place?

a) 1859

b) 1897

c) 1907

d) 1923

2. Featuring police chief Steve McGarrett, this television show ran between 1967 and 1980.

a) Magnum P.I.

b) To Catch a Thief

c) Charlie’s Angels

d) Hawai‘i Five-O

3. Actor Jessica Lange starred in what movie filmed on Kaua‘i in the late 1970s?

a) The South Pacific

b) Gidget

c) Blue Hawai‘i

d) King Kong

4. In 1890, Thomas A. Edison commissioned this film?

a) Kanaka Diving for Money

b) Journey in the Islands

c) A Man and his Mule

d) Far Away Stranger

5. In the year 2000, over 16,000 acres of Mauna Kea forest lands were sold by the estate of the late Ling Kai Kung of Taiwan. Kung was a nephew of which of the following men?

a) Mao Tse-Tung

b) Chiang Kai-shek

c) Jacky Chan

d) Bruce Lee

6. Filmed in Kawaihae on the Big Island, this 1994 movie was at the time the most expensive film ever made, costing over $175 million.

a) The Terminator

b) Waterworld

c) Exit to Eden

d) Jurassic Park

7. In the 1953 movie, From Here to Eternity, who plays the role of Private Maggio?

a) Burt Lancaster

b) Montgomery Clift

c) Frank Sinatra

d) Ernest Borgnine

8. Hilo Hattie starred with Betty Grable in this World War II movie.

a) The Song of the Islands

b) Hero

c) When They Return

d) Wind Over Water

9. In the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, local Kauaians played the part of:

a) Prisoners of war

b) Sioux Indians

c) Hovito Indians

d) Mayans

10. In Honeymoon in Vegas, a taxi driver helps Jack (Nicholas Cage) get his fiancée back. Who plays the taxi driver?

a) Jackie Chan

b) James Caan

c) Pat Morita

d) Don Ho

11. This movie was directed by John Ford, and filmed on Kaua‘i in 1962.

a) Donovan’s Reef

b) Pagan Love Song

c) South Pacific

d) Diamond Head

12. This movie was filmed at Kuilima Resort on O‘ahu in the 1970s.

a) The Diamond Head Game

b) Island Heat

c) Man of the Jungle

d) Paradise in the Pacific

13. What is the name of the woman portrayed by Mitzi Gaynor in the movie South Pacific?

a) Mary Martin

b) Gidget

c) Queen Emma

d) Nellie Forbush

14. In the 1975 movie Islands in the Stream, George C. Scott plays this New York sculptor.

a) Thomas Hudson

b) Evan Bouret

c) Merlin Edmonds

d) Chris Owens

15. In the television mini-series, The Thorn Birds, who plays Meggie Cleary, the love interest of Ralph de Bricassart (Richard Chamberlain).

a) Mitzi Gaynor

b) Bette Midler

c) Elizabeth Taylor

d) Rachel Ward

16. What is the Hawaiian name of the mountain peak known as Bali Hai in the movie South Pacific?

a) Makua

b) Makana

c) Ha‘ena

d) Wai‘ale‘ale

17. This actress/singer went to Radford High School.

a) Betty Grable

b) Bette Midler

c) Julia Roberts

d) Janis Joplin

18. This low budget action movie, filmed on Kaua‘i in June of 1961, takes place during World War II in New Guinea during a Japanese invasion.

a) None But the Brave

b) Jungle Heat

c) Flight of the Intruder

d) The Seven Women from Hell

19. Now a renowned surfboard shaper, this man traveled to the Hawaiian Islands in 1966 to perform surfing for the movie Free & Easy.

a) Bobby Allen

b) Dick Brewer

c) Bill Hamilton

d) Matthew Bishop

20. Filmed on Kaua‘i in 2001, this television series sponsored by the World Wrestling Federation is a survival-oriented reality show in which two men and a woman hunt down 13 people (considered prey).

a) Manhunt

b) Survivor IV

c) Prey

d) Creature

21. Who played Steve McGarrett in the television series Hawai‘i Five-O?

a) James Garner

b) Charleton Heston

c) Kirk Douglas

d) Jack Lord

22. This author wrote the book Shoal of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands, first published in 1968.

a) Bernard Wilcox

b) J. Sanford Dole

c) Gavan Daws

d) Jack London

23. What was the name of the Frank De Lima Album that won the 2000 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award for Best Comedy Album?

a) Mary Tunta

b) Babooze!

c) Live at the Captain’s Table

d) Supa Shaka

24. What natural disaster caused problems for the filming of the movie South Pacific on Kaua‘i?

a) Tsunami

b) Earthquake

c) Volcanic eruption

d) Flood

25. The Ali‘is were the back-up band of:

a) Mākaha Sons

b) Don Ho

c) The Surfriders

d) The Beachboys

26. An accident during the filming of The Wackiest Ship in the Army in 1961 on Kaua‘i resulted in damage to this structure.

a) Kalihiwai Bridge

b) Hanalei Pier

c) Hanalei Bridge

d) Nāwiliwili Docks

27. The movie Jurassic Park was based on a book by what author?

a) Stephen King

b) Michael Crichton

c) Ken Burns

d) James Michener

28. This author wrote two collections of short stories set in the Hawaiian Islands: The House of Pride (1912), and On the Makaloa Mat (1919).

a) Jack London

b) Samuel Clemens

c) Herman Melville

d) Robert Louis Stevenson

29. This wife of a famous author wrote her own book about the islands, entitled Our Hawai‘i (1917).

a) Nadie Michener

b) Charmian London

c) Joan London

d) Jean Melville

30. What actor played Ben Kokua on Hawai‘i Five-O?

a) Al Harrington

b) Johnny Lima

c) Lance Takada

d) Titus Kulima

31. The first Drive-In Theater in the Hawaiian Islands opened on Kapi‘olani Blvd in what year?

a) 1939

b) 1949

c) 1959

d) 1969

32. This television series filmed in the islands debuted in 1980.

a) Baywatch

b) Gilligan’s Island

c) Hawai‘i Five-O

d) Magnum P.I.

33. What was the name of the ketch that Jack London sailed from San Francisco to Honolulu in 1907?

a) Lady Luck

b) Damn the Torpedoes

c) Lucille

d) The Snark

34. Jack Lemmon won an Oscar in 1955 for what Hawaiian-filmed movie?

a) Mr. Roberts

b) The Wacky Professor

c) The Odd Couple

d) Time to Work

35. What character did Ricardo Montalban play on the television show Fantasy Island?

a) Mr. Watson

b) Mr. Suave

c) Mr. Quincy

d) Mr. Roarke

36. This author moved to Honolulu in the 1950s with his Japanese-American wife, and then published a novel about the Hawaiian Islands in 1959.

a) Robert Louis Stevenson

b) Ernest Hemingway

c) James Michener

d) Joseph Conrad

37. In the 1983 movie Uncommon Valor, the most expensive scene was the daring rescue of the captive MIA’s using two Vietnam-era Huey helicopters. Where on Kaua‘i was this scene filmed?

a) Lumaha‘i Valley

b) Kalalau Valley

c) Kalihawai Valley

d) Hanalei Valley

38. Charlie Chan was first featured in what 1928 film?

a) The Chinese Parrot

b) In the City

c) Life in the Fast Lane

d) To Catch a Thief

39. This television pilot for a weekly series was filmed on Kaua‘i during the days of the Kennedy assassination in 1963.

a) The Brady Bunch

b) Leave It to Beaver

c) The Dick Van Dyke Show

d) Gilligan’s Island

40. Who wrote the best-selling book, The Day of Infamy, about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

a) Walter Lord

b) John Montgomery

c) Cynthia Francis

d) Clyde Rockwell

41. In 1913, this movie became the first full-length feature filmed in the Hawaiian Islands.

a) The Nation’s Peril

b) The Wizard of Oz

c) Island Dreams

d) Rush to Judgment

42. In the television series Hawai‘i Five-O, where on O‘ahu was the headquarters of Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord)?

a) Washington Place

b) Honolulu Municipal Building

c) ‘Iolani Palace

d) Royal Hawaiian Hotel

43. In all, how many episodes of Hawai‘i Five-O were filmed?

a) 87

b) 176

c) 284

d) 330

44. An HPD Officer until 1959, this local Chinese actor portrayed a police lieutenant who assisted Steve McGarrett in Hawai‘i Five-O.

a) Kam Fong

b) Steve Lee

c) Mark Foo

d) Kai Chan

45. For his albums All in the ‘Ohana and Live in Waikīkī, this man won the 1980 and 1981 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards for Best Comedy Album.

a) Frank De Lima

b) Rap Replinger

c) Andy Bumatai

d) Na Kolohe

46. Kaua‘i represents a Zaire village in the 1995 movie Outbreak, in which an animal is smuggled into the United States, spreading a deadly disease. What type of animal is it?

a) Bird

b) Chimpanzee

c) Monkey

d) Snake

47. Filmed on Kaua‘i in May of 1953, this Rita Hayworth movie was a remake of a popular W. Somerset Maugham short story written in 1910.

a) Miss Sadie Thompson

b) She Gods of Shark Reef

c) Sanga Ari

d) North

48. Fred MacMurray, Van Johnson, Jose Ferrer, and this man starred in the Hawaiian-filmed high seas adventure The Caine Mutiny.

a) Humphrey Bogart

b) Ernest Borgnine

c) Frank Sinatra

d) John Wayne

49. In the movie Throw Momma From the Train, Danny DeVito stands in a bathrobe knee-deep in the water at the beach while Billy Crystal does a parody of Kathleen Turner in Body Heat. What beach provides the setting for this scene?

a) Makua

b) Kealia

c) Ke‘e

d) Hanalei

50. Premiering in 1976, this movie featured a hang glider flying amidst the pinnacles and spires of Kaua‘i’s Nā Pali Coast, and was the first film to use the 70 mm IMAX format. It was produced for the Smithsonian Institution’s Air and Space Museum.

a) Wings of Birds

b) Updraft

c) The History of Flight

d) To Fly

51. Filmed in the Hawaiian Islands, this 1957 television show was about a sea captain’s adventures in the South Pacific. The character was created by Jack London.

a) Tales of a Sea Captain

b) Adventures of Captain David Grief

c) Wind

d) Mutiny on the Bounty

52. France Nuyen was Charlton Heston’s mistress in what movie?

a) Diamond Head

b) Uncommon Valor

c) A Night to Remember

d) From Here to Eternity

53. One of the most famous scenes in cinema history is in the movie From Here to Eternity, when Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr (as Sgt. Warden and his commanding officer’s wife) have an affair on a secluded beach and the waves surge over the embracing lovers. Where was the beach?

a) Hālona Cove, O‘ahu

b) Lumaha‘i Beach, Kaua‘i

c) Hana Bay, Maui

d) Waikīkī Beach, O‘ahu

54. The movie Gidget Goes Hawaiian was filmed at what hotel?

a) Royal Hawaiian Hotel

b) Moana Hotel

c) Waikīkī Hotel

d) Honolulu Hotel

55. In the 1953 movie, From Here to Eternity, who played Fatso Judson, the sergeant of the stockade?

a) James Abbot

b) Montgomery Clift

c) Bill Monroe

d) Ernest Borgnine

56. What man did Mitzi Gaynor “wash right out of her hair” in South Pacific?

a) Rossano Brassi

b) Clark Gable

c) Robert Mitchum

d) Charlton Heston

57. Born in 1913, this man was a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and came to the Hawaiian Islands during World War II. He wrote Claus Spreckels, the Sugar King in Hawai‘i, published in 1966, and his views supported Queen Lili‘uokalani after the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy.

a) Robert Louis Stevenson

b) Jacob Adler

c) Ryan Mijares

d) Jonathan Fisher

58. Johnny Weismuller beat Duke Kahanamoku in the 1924 Olympics, and later went on to play the role of:

a) Rockwell Torrey

b) Tarzan

c) John Spade

d) Steve McGarrett’s adversary

59. Where did the title of the 1954 movie Hell’s Half Acre come from?

a) An old Swedish proverb

b) A New York urban area

c) The Bible

d) A section of Honolulu

60. Hawai‘i Calls radio show had how many broadcasts?

a) 972

b) 1,345

c) 2,083

d) 3,599

61. This Hollywood actor lived in the Hawaiian Islands in the 1980s and exhibited paintings in the art galleries of Waikīkī.

a) Dick Clark

b) Sylvester Stallone

c) Rob Lowe

d) Tony Curtis

62. In the 1937 movie, Waikīkī Wedding, starring Bing Crosby and Martha Raye, what 22-year-old plays Kimo?

a) Frank Sinatra

b) Henry Fonda

c) Kirk Douglas

d) Anthony Quinn

63. In the 1955 World War II action drama, The Sea Chase, who plays the love interest of the renegade captain (John Wayne)?

a) Lana Turner

b) Rita Hayworth

c) Angela Lansbury

d) Mona Maris

64. Partly filmed in Hawai‘i, Papillon is a movie about a French penal colony and stars Dustin Hoffman and what other actor?

a) John Lawrence

b) Steve McQueen

c) Charles Bronson

d) Rock Hudson

65. Born in O‘ahu in 1815, this Hawaiian man was a teacher on Maui and served in the legislature of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i. He wrote more than 200 newspaper articles later published in 2 volumes, providing modern historians a rare insight into Hawaiian views of western contact.

a) Albert Kalākaua

b) Kaleo Trombley

c) S.M. Kamakau

d) T. Kane Pukui

66. Where in the Hawaiian Islands is the mansion used in Magnum P.I.?

a) Waimānalo

b) Kāne‘ohe

c) Kailua

d) Waimalu

67. During World War II, this radio show hosted by Victor Eckland was broadcast from Kaua‘i.

a) Update

b) Cabbage and Kings

c) Public Voice

d) Friends and Neighbors

68. An elephant was given to Hawai‘i’s zoo as a gift to the children of the Hawaiian Islands by this person.

a) Nelson Mandela

b) Indira Ghandi

c) Margaret Thatcher

d) Pierre Trudeau

69. Famous Hawaiian swimmer Duke Kahanamoku played a native chief in this 1955 movie filmed in Kāne‘ohe and other Hawaiian locations.

a) From Here to Eternity

b) Beachhead

c) The Enemy Below

d) Mister Roberts

70. The 1966 movie Endless Summer features what distinctly Hawaiian sport?

a) Canoe racing

b) Surfing

c) Body boarding

d) Spearfishing

71. Who planed Dano in the television series Hawai‘i Five-O?

a) John Taylor

b) James MacArthur

c) Sydney Lawrence

d) Bert Lanier

72. This 1956 movie filmed in and around Honolulu featured a reenactment of the Pearl Harbor bombing.

a) Hell’s Half Acre

b) Beachhead

c) The Sea Chase

d) The Revolt of Mamie Stover

73. During filming of the 1957 movie The Enemy Below starring Robert Mitchum, a dangerous near-accident occurred in the ocean off Pearl Harbor. What happened?

a) A boat capsized

b) Depth charges exploded prematurely near a Navy destroyer

c) Two airplanes came within 50 feet of one another

d) An actor fell overboard

74. In the television series, Hawaiian Eye, who played Cricket?

a) Connie Stevens

b) Mae West

c) Jessica Lange

d) Elizabeth Taylor

75. This Indian actor starred in The Jungle Book and The Thief of Baghdad, and shortly before he died he had a part in the 1963 movie, Rampage, which was filmed in the Hawaiian Islands, and features Robert Mitchum.

a) Sabu

b) Bata

c) Rama

d) Nanu